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Visit Nim Li Punit with Placencia AdventuresVisit Nim Li Punit with Placencia Adventures
Duration: 8am - 3pm
Price: $200 USD/person
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Travel back in time, to the Classic Maya period and visit Nim Li Punit and Lubaantun.

Enjoy a two hour drive down the Southern Highway, surrounded with various landscapes and experience the Maya Mountains, savannahs and pine trees of Belize. We’ll pass through five Maya villages and a three Spanish villages. Once we arrive at the district of Toledo, it’s just another 20 minutes off the main road to Lubaantun, where the original crystal skull from the world-famous movie Indiana Jones, was said to be found.

Lubaantun is a pre-Columbian ruined city of the Maya civilization. This Maya site is famous for its large collection of miniature objects found throughout the site, and unusual architecture, not typical of other Maya sites during this time. Does Lubaantun look familiar? It’s possible if you’ve seen a two-dollar Belizean bill as Lubaantun is featured on it.

After exploring Lubaantun, we’ll dine on  a traditional Belizean meal in a nearby local village.

The next adventure will take us another 30 minute drive back up the Southern Highway towards Placencia, where we’ll find Nim Li Punit in the mountains. From this high range you can view the Caribbean sea and nearby islands. Nim Li Punit, also known the “big hat” in the Kekchi Maya language, has three large plazas, several step pyramids, and is regarded as a ceremonial center. The major structures emulates the views of the Mayan cosmological world, with earth realm at the core, manifested by a dwelling of the ruler.

After a full day of adventure, we head back to home just in time to see the sun go down behind the Maya mountains.