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Placencia Adventures
Snorkeling in Placencia Belize
Duration: 9am - 12pm or 1pm - 4pm
Price: $75 USD/person
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This half day adventure features fun in the sun, great photography opportunities, and some of the best snorkeling sights in the Caribbean sea at Bugle Caye and Lark Caye.

Bugle Caye

Take just a short, 15 minute boat ride from Placencia to arrive at Bugle Caye. While there, you’ll have the chance to spot the famous manatees, amiably referred to as sea cows. With beautiful coral, a plethora of sea life, and plenty of reef combers, you’ll have the chance to take advantage of amazing photography opportunities and create memories to last a lifetime. We’ll spend 40 minutes here and then take a 5 minute boat ride to Lark Caye.

Lark Caye

Larke Caye is a large caye of about 10 acres, and has unique underwater scenery. It features colorful gorgonian, plenty of sea life, and the chance to snorkel with the manatees feeding on the sea grass.

These inner reef cayes have calm sea waters, making it an easy swim and a perfect trip for the entire family.