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Snorkeling at Ranguana
Duration: 9am - 4pm
Price: $190 USD/person
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Choose between two amazing destinations for a full day of snorkeling, an island barbecue picnic, and unforgettable adventures. 

The Silk Cayes

Take a site seeing 45 minutes boat ride to two coconut tree-spotted islands, the Silk Cayes. Also knows as the Queen Cayes(cause she visited them), the Silk Cayes are a popular destination for snorkelers and divers alike. Once the boat pulls up to the white sandy beach, you can hop off, get your gear on and let CUBBY show you the vibrant colored fish, the flirty eagle rays, the territorial turtles, the baby nurse sharks to name a few!

After a good snorkeling session, it’s time to grub on some traditional Belizean cuisine, freshly prepared. Don’t forget to add the Marie Sharps!

Then you can take off for another snorkeling adventure, seeing more wildlife, colorful coral, stingrays,  starfish and more!
Feel like have a cocktail to get that salty taste out your mouth your captain is more than happy to stop by hatchet caye island resort,where at the lionfish bar you get refresh yourself if the bartender don’t fix you am sure the pool will, frrsh water pool!

Ranguana Caye

Captain Cubby loves this island because of its beauty, its amazing snorkeling, relaxing bar to grab cool drinks and lazy lounge chairs. The coral around this caye is different than other island, with vibrant blues and purples, and the wildlife is extensive: lobster, shrimp, spotted eagle rays, stingrays and more! The palm trees have a soft white to them, from being claimed home by the pelicans!

With two snorkeling sessions, before and after a delicious Belizean meal, you also have the option to grab a cool rum punch, relax, and get some sun. It’s a great trip for the entire family!