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Belize Jungle New
Duration: 8am - 4pm
Price: $130 USD/person
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It’s an early drive north from Placencia on the Southern Highway to the Cockscomb Basin Jaguary Sanctary where we’ll start out on a natural history hike, river tube, and end the day rock-sliding into pools of water. 

Recognized internationally as the world’s first jaguar preserve, the Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Sanctuary is also known to many for its rich diversity of tropical birds, breathtaking waterfalls, mountain views, and vast array of species of plants and animals. The name Cockscomb comes from the appearance of the Cockscomb Mountain Ridge resembles a rooster’s comb.

As the group hikes through the tropical jungle, you’ll learn about the different exotic plants, animals and colorful insects that live in the jungle. Depending on the time of year, you have the chance to see a hairy tarantula, the tracks of wildcats and deer, and if you’re one of the few lucky, a jaguar.

Then we’ll have a picnic of traditional Belizean chicken, rice and beans, in the jungle.

Then it’s time to put on our swimsuits, grab a tube and head to the top of the river to begin the river tubing portion of the tour. It’s a relaxing 45-minute float down the river. Enjoy the jungle landscapes and the cool feel of the freshwater river.

For those that crave some adventure, the rock-sliding portion of the tour will be your favorite! You get to slide down six natural rockslides into refreshing pools of water. We’ll safely guide you down the rockslides so you can experience some true adventure.