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Duration: 7am - 5pm
Price: $195 USD/person
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Experience the beauty of the Belizean jungle on this adventurous combination tour – cave tubing and zip lining at Jaguar Paw. 

We’ll head north for three hours, taking the Southern Highway, and then Hummingbird Highway to arrive at Jaguar Paw. Once at Jaguar Paw we’ll meet up with an expert tour guide that will provide safety instructions for the zip lining adventure. We’ll follow the guide on a jungle hike to the start off the zip lining tour and then we’ll suit up for the zip lining experience of a lifetime.

Get ready to see exotic wildlife and feel the rush of adrenaline pumping as you soar above the jungle canopy. Enjoy the views and smells of the untouched world. It’s fun, beautiful and adventurous!

After about an hour of zip lining through the air at one of the most famous zip lining destinations, we’ll break for lunch and enjoy traditional Belizean cuisine, and don’t worry, we got the Marie Sharp’s!

It’s time to explore the cave system of the Cave Branch River.

With swimsuits and a headlamp on, we’ll float into the cave system and discover the ancient Mayan underworld.

These caves once served as sites for religious and ceremonial rituals, and according to the Popol Vuh, the Maya sacred book, caves were thought to be the origin of both life and death. The guide will point out the featured ancient artifacts and provide a  history of the ancient Mayan kingdom.

After emerging from the darkness of the ancient Mayan world, we’ll head back to sunny Placencia Village, with a deeper knowledge and appreciation of Mayan culture and memories to last a lifetime.