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Land_Tours Blue Creek Cave Belize
Duration: 8am - 4pm
Price: $200 USD/person
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It’s an all-day adventure with hiking and cave swimming, and then the chance to travel back in time to the ancient Classic Maya period!

Start the morning traveling down the Southern Highway on a scenic two and a half hour drive. You’ll see the pine trees, savannas and Maya Mountains of Belize.  As we drive by and pass through the local Maya and Spanish villages, you’ll get to peek a glimpse of their daily life.

Once we get to the entrance of Blue Creek Cave, we’ll meet the local tour guide. The tour guide will lead us through a half hour jungle hike along the creek to Blue Creek Cave.

Once we get to the entrance of the cave we’ll dive in and begin our cave swim upstream, headlamps on, to enter the ancient Maya underworld.

The Mayans believed these mythical caves was where one went in the afterlife. Blue Creek Cave, also known to the Mayans as “Hokeb Ha,” is famous for its cave formations and ancient Mayan cave drawings and remnants. After about two hours of swimming in the calm moderate waters of the cave, it’s time to eat.

We’ll dine at a local Belizean restaurant for traditional cuisine.

Then we’ll head back north to visit Lubaantun. Lubaantun is a pre-Columbian ruined city of the Maya civilization. This Maya site is famous for its large collection of miniature objects found throughout the site, and its unusual architecture, not typical of other Maya sites during this time. Does Lubaantun look familiar? It’s possible that you’ve already see it on the Belizean two-dollar bill.

Then it’s time to head back north to our home destination on the beautiful peninsula, Placencia Village.